Improve image quality, eliminate unforeseen problems and increase profit margins

MRI reliability, image quality and customer satisfaction start with regular MRI service, maintenance, proper diagnosis and calibration.

MRI Service

Resolution Diagnostics offers a variety of MRI service, maintenance and repair options designed to save MRI service costs, maintain up-time, improve image quality and MRI  system reliability.

We have developed MRI  service procedures, techniques and PMs for OEMs, independent service organizations, hospitals and imaging centers. We can also customize a MRI service plan for you.

Contact us today so that we can implement  the right  MRI service plan  for you.

Full Service

Complete turn-key on-call MRI Service Including parts, cryogens, labor required to optimize performance and image quality.

Planned Maintenence

Scheduled MRI service for saftey procedures and routine maintenance to eliminate costly downtime. Planned maintenance service performed at your convenience.

Labor Only

On-call MRI service, calibrations, planned maintenance and system labor.

Monitor and maintain magnet for optimum performance and efficiency. Replenish cryogens, troubleshoot, repair and replace shield cooler subsystems as required.

Starting with the initial system purchase trough the first image to final calibration we will work with you to perform an effective headache free plan to achieve a smooth a reliable MRI system installation.

All MRI systems require RF shields but for some unknown reason are rarely covered in service contracts. We cover RF shields so that you can perform superior hassle free images that others are not.

We offer the flexible experienced cost effective MRI service you have been looking for.

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